Summary of New York Tech Week 2023 (Itaú BBA, BTG, BofA)

Itaú BBA Tech Summit 2023 Artificial Intelligence & The use of Data Ben Gotfredson, Global Startup Program Manager (Snowflake ); Cesar Gon, Founder & CEO (CI&T) Web & Applications Kathryn Nuys, Global Head Specialized Industries (Amazon Web Services); Alexandre Assolini, Founder&Executive Chairman (Vortx); Brian Brooks, Founding Partner (Valor Capital) The next frontier: cross border financing […]

Web Summit Rio 2023: Summary of days 2, 3, 4.

Web Summit Rio, day 2. Investing in Latam Eric Acher, Founder & Managing General Partner (Monashees ); Edith Yeung, General Partner (Race Capital); Renata Quintini, Co-founer (Renegade Partners), Ricardo Amorim, Co-founder (AAA Inovação) TL;DR How To Understand VC In Latin America Rodrigo Baer,co-founder & Managind Partner (Upload Ventures); João Chebante, Owner & CEO (Sinergis) TL;DR […]

Why do we provide specific feedback to all investment applications?

Fundraising is a complex and laborious task for founders. We believe there is nothing more frustrating for entrepreneurs than investing time and energy to craft a compelling pitch deck, reach out to VCs in a personalized way, and, in the end receive a standardized email in return or even no answer at all. When entrepreneurs receive […]

SaaS and M&A in Brazil

Back in 2011 Marc Andreessen, Andreessen Horowitz co-founder said that Software was eating the world. We couldn’t agree more. The SaaS ecosystem has been evolving globally in the past decade, and it is just the beginning. Driven by the desire of promoting the SaaS community in Brazil, SaaSholic co-led a study about Software as a […]

How to Get Out of the Death Valley Curve

The phrase “death valley curve” is a traditional concept that references the period between a startup’s initial seed investment and its first revenue. You’ll hear this term used frequently  among venture capitalists. The phrase derives from how a startup’s cash flow burn looks when plotted on a graph.  During this time, the startup will deplete […]

How to Choose Software for Customer Success

In this competitive market that we currently find ourselves in, we must take every measure to ensure that customers are content with the services or products that they’re receiving. Times have changed, and the consumer is now the controlling factor. They hold the cards. Customer success software provides businesses with a 360-degree look at the […]

Why User Onboarding Is so Crucial For Your Growth Strategy on SaaS

Product onboarding is an essential part of customer activation and retention for businesses that are SaaS providers.  One of the best things you can do for your customers’ success as a SaaS provider is to ensure that you walk them through a wholesome onboarding experience.  When you give your customers all the relevant, necessary tools […]

6 Pillars (And Traps) Of a Freemium Business Model

Freemium drives successful businesses on the internet, especially software as a service (Saas).  In simple terms, freemium services offer their app or software for free, allowing users access to a range of essential features. Then, users have tiered options to pay for additional features. For Saas businesses, in particular, freemium has become very popular because […]