The Rise of SaaS Search Funds in Latam

SaaS (Software as a Service) search funds are growing rapidly in Latam, leaving abundant opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs alike to profit. While most people think of private equity funds for these types of investments, search funds offer numerous benefits to entrepreneurs. Let’s dive in and explore the attraction leading to the rise in SaaS […]

Why Data Protection Is So Important for SaaS

Technological, political, and legal issues impact privacy and data protection these days. Hardware and software need more and more personal information to operate correctly.  The Internet of Things, for example, opens up a massive breach between technology and legislation. While software and hardware companies make giant leaps, legislation is slow to interact. Designing regulations against […]

How to Do a Cohort Analysis from Scratch

SaaS is full of buzzwords, abbreviations, and debated metrics. Sometimes it’s quite challenging to make sure you’re tracking the right stats. Chasing unimportant data and comparing useless statistical sets is time lost.  Cohort analysis sounds like it’s just another one of those unnecessary and time-consuming things. While the setup and tracking might be tedious, it’s […]

What Is ACV and What’s the Difference to ARR

The range and industry variety of SaaS companies make it quite difficult for the community members to agree upon anything unanimously. Agencies, experts, and even company executives usually have various opinions about metrics definitions and whether they’re essential. This divisive background brings us to the pit of confusion we have today. Annual recurring revenue (ARR) […]

What is a Rolling Fund?

Rolling funds are a new breed of investment, but the concept is straightforward. Also known as subscription funds, rolling funds were rolled out by AngelList in February 2020, and have grown exponentially.  Structured as limited partnerships, each quarter a new fund is offered, but the terms of the new fund are basically identical to the […]

What Is GMV and How It’s Important for Marketplaces

In business, it’s essential to have specific benchmarks and measuring tools in place to keep the company on track. In retail and ecommerce environments, the most crucial medium-term metric is the Gross Merchandise Value. It determines the health of business over a certain period. We’ve done an in-depth study of what it can do for […]

Burn Rate x Runway: What Are the Differences?

SaaS finance is an overwhelming subject for many founders. Wouldn’t it be easier to think of exciting software, develop it, and live on without thinking about funding? Unfortunately, this fantasy world doesn’t exist, and all owners face harsh financial realities. One way is to try and learn as much as possible. If you do, you […]

What is SaaS Burn Rate?

Dealing with startup finance is a tough job for every founder. You spend money faster than you get it (if you’re lucky enough to obtain it at all). Bootstrapping is possible. However, most startups rely on outside financing. They also cultivate their ability to save money and survive as long as possible before the successful […]

How Important Is R&D for SaaS?

What Is R&D for SaaS? Research and development (R&D) for SaaS has several manifestations: Inside the company, R&D is the department that develops new features and products. The team gathers information, analyzes it, and solves existing problems in various areas, like software, marketability, expansion, processes, etc. The accounting term covers the spendings that go under […]

Quick Guide to Marketplace Metrics

What Are Marketplace Metrics? Exploring the buying habits of consumers is a fascinating occupation. While the ‘old world’ faced many difficulties with understanding customers, internet marketplaces are an excellent environment for this activity. With the development of internet-based marketplaces, recording customer behavior, following transactions, and building trust have become much more accessible. Marketplace metrics help […]