The Definitive Guide for Retention Metrics

In the growth era, many companies operate under the assumption that client acquisition rules over everything in the industry. Of course, closing sales deals is essential for any company, but getting too consumed in fast-growth tactics might also diminish your relationship with existing customers. SaaS entrepreneurs know how high the customer acquisition cost (CAC) can […]

Understanding Venture Debt and How SaaS Companies Can Benefit

What is Venture Debt? Venture debt is a form of financing specifically designed to help startups and pre-profit, high-growth tech companies. It can be assimilated to complement equity financing or used as a stand-alone product. It’s commonly known as ‘risk capital,’ and companies that make use of it do so because they lack tangible assets to […]

What’s G&A and Why it Matters for SaaS

Owning a SaaS startup can be a very lucrative endeavor. However, as you’re building the software, chasing leads, and keeping up with customer service, you might be neglecting some aspects of your business (especially those that require hard skills). Finance and accounting (along with legal issues) might just be the most neglected and misunderstood aspects of […]

Brazil IPO Season Is On!

The tech scene in LatAm is on fire and the Brazil tech scene took the lead and in a couple of weeks doubled the number of companies with public tech companies. Will they arise as great public tech companies? This week Nathan Latka spoke in a SaaStr conference online and told the public that he […]

The bidding wars have started! Rede + Linx?

Last Friday we wrote an update on a “plot twist” on the STONE/LINX acquisition, with TOTVS making an offer. But, what we didn’t expect — was another big player moving on Linx. Well, we’ve seen Stone making an offer of R$6b, last week we saw TOTVS making a raise, pointing to the amount of R$6.1b […]

SaaS Implementation Challenges and Pitfalls

Introduction SaaS (Software as a Service) has changed the landscape for both end users and vendors and leveled the playing field in a big way. However, like every other technology, there are challenges and pitfalls associated with using SaaS as a delivery channel for apps and other services. While SaaS provides businesses of all sizes […]

The Right SaaS Metrics for Each Stage of Your Company

You probably know tons of different SaaS and subscription metrics, and you probably heard you should be measuring a few of them no matter what. Actually even we have told you that on the “5 metrics that every subscription business should be measuring” article. Guess what? That isn’t necessarily true. Don’t get me wrong, those […]

Helping Customers to Plan and Create a Declared Data Strategy

The world functions on the foundation of networking; all the networks work on data supplied from one party to another. Inevitably, there exists a mammoth set of multi-way data transferring to and fro. No wonder the company and the clients would like to plan and create a strategy for their perennial development from this! In […]

The Content Experience is Superior to Content Marketing

In December 2012, The New York Times published a story that would change digital media forever. It wasn’t a blog post about data or brand strategy or digital transformation — it was a content experience. Specifically, it was the gripping and haunting story of an avalanche that had ripped through Washington State earlier in the […]

The definitive guide of SaaS Podcasts in 2020

Specialists are saying that 2019 was the podcast year, and those who weren’t on this medium will need to hustle up and enter as soon as possible with all of your guns out. Now the competition is fierce and each day that passes, we have more and more content producers going live with podcasts. With […]