Part I: The Untold Stories of TOTVS, the Largest Software Company in LatAm

Subscribe and be part of a community that builds category-defining companies * indicates required E-mail address *     Back in the 80s, Bill Gates predicted that every home would eventually have a computer. Prompted by this, Laercio then wondered: how many computers would a company own? Laercio, alongside Ernesto are some of the most […]

How to Calculate Your SaaS Gross Margin

What Is Gross Margin? Every business wants to make a profit, but you have to spend money to make money. To successfully run a SaaS business, you should strive to keep your costs below your revenue. You can do this by measuring your company’s profitability through its gross margin. It’s essential to do this for […]

Non-Dilutive fundings

Non-dilutive funding is a type of funding typical among business owners not willing to give up ownership of their company. Non-dilutive funding offers an alternative to equity funding, which includes giving up part ownership of your company.  We’ll be providing you with the ultimate guide on non-dilutive funding. We’ll go over the wide range of […]