Helping Customers to Plan and Create a Declared Data Strategy

The world functions on the foundation of networking; all the networks work on data supplied from one party to another. Inevitably, there exists a mammoth set of multi-way data transferring to and fro. No wonder the company and the clients would like to plan and create a strategy for their perennial development from this! In […]

The definitive guide of SaaS Podcasts in 2020

Specialists are saying that 2019 was the podcast year, and those who weren’t on this medium will need to hustle up and enter as soon as possible with all of your guns out. Now the competition is fierce and each day that passes, we have more and more content producers going live with podcasts. With […]

How to implement cloud email security for data protection

Email security mainly included techniques and safeguards methods to protect your critical data while communicating with different businesses outside and inside your office premises. With more companies moving towards SaaS Platform, security has become necessary. Data loss, unapproved access, and compromise on security can be avoided with the right steps taken for email security. Email is […]

Why every Saas Company needs to utilize the power of Content

Businesses from many industries can benefit from a well-developed and executed content strategy—and the businesses in the tech and SaaS industry are no exception. Content is what powers inbound marketing, which is why a focused and strategic approach is necessary to improve lead generation and marketing ROI. Developing a Content strategy can be time-consuming and […]

Website ROI Calculator: What, How, and Why?

Did you know that interactive content generates 2 times more conversions than passive content does? If your website has passive content, then it’s time you reconsider its design. This is especially true if you’re not happy with your conversion rates and want to grow your business more. A great idea is to have a website ROI calculator. […]

SaaS Interactive Calculator: How to Leverage Calculators in Your SaaS Marketing Strategy

The marketing world is an ever-changing, dynamic place. Its technology, trends, and tactics never stay stagnant for long. How do you ensure your current customer acquisition strategies pay off? Certainly, calculating return on investment (ROI) is one place to start. Invented in 1914 by Donaldson Brown, the ROI formula lets you monitor overall business performance. To […]

How a SaaS Reporting Tool Can Improve Your Marketing Campaign

Building a strategic digital marketing campaign is only half the job done. The other half lies in tracking your results continuously. This process includes setting clear goals, choosing a set of relevant metrics, and using multiple digital marketing analytics tools to measure campaign performance. To create comprehensive digital marketing reports over time, you will need […]

Are buyer personas key to SaaS marketing success?

If your company only uses common strategies to build traffic and raise awareness of your product or service, you may see your traffic figures increase. But you won’t be getting the revenue traction you need for your business to grow if you don’t create buyer personas. Your SaaS marketing success could be reliant on the […]

What Is Declared Data?

Part II: On our series on data collection for SaaS Marketers. If you’re interested, check out Part I here. As a marketer, do you sometimes feel like you’re drowning in the “Big Data” that promised to revolutionize your lead generation efforts? Or perhaps that the data you’re using is a little more than underwhelming? If so, […]

ROI Calculators: Best Practices and How to Effectively Use Them

If you’re selling online services, you’ll need one! Did you know that in 2019 Carmax sold 748,961 used and 447,491 wholesale vehicles? Or that they raked in net earnings of $842.4 billion? Talk about an impressive showing for a company that only came on the scene in 1993! Add to this the fact they entered a highly […]