How to Craft a Winning SaaS Sales Strategy

How to Craft a Winning SaaS Sales Strategy

Software as a Service (SaaS for short) currently makes up the largest segment of the public cloud market. The SaaS market itself is worth $94.8 billion and is expected to grow quite a bit more in the coming years. Are you looking to get into the SaaS game? Have you already started but need help maximizing your sales? […]

Website ROI Calculator: What, How, and Why?

Did you know that interactive content generates 2 times more conversions than passive content does? If your website has passive content, then it’s time you reconsider its design. This is especially true if you’re not happy with your conversion rates and want to grow your business more. A great idea is to have a website ROI calculator. […]

SaaS Interactive Calculator: How to Leverage Calculators in Your SaaS Marketing Strategy

The marketing world is an ever-changing, dynamic place. Its technology, trends, and tactics never stay stagnant for long. How do you ensure your current customer acquisition strategies pay off? Certainly, calculating return on investment (ROI) is one place to start. Invented in 1914 by Donaldson Brown, the ROI formula lets you monitor overall business performance. To […]

How a SaaS Reporting Tool Can Improve Your Marketing Campaign

Building a strategic digital marketing campaign is only half the job done. The other half lies in tracking your results continuously. This process includes setting clear goals, choosing a set of relevant metrics, and using multiple digital marketing analytics tools to measure campaign performance. To create comprehensive digital marketing reports over time, you will need […]

Breaking Down The Basics Of SaaS Accounting

Advances in accounting technology have led to the development of SaaS systems. These offer a reliable and secure alternative to housing your accounting systems on-site. SaaS systems are also known as cloud-based accounting software and are a great tool for those who want to enjoy the benefits of being on the cutting edge with their […]

Guide to Hosting Services

Introduction The technical jargon associated with web technologies and the sheer number of web hosting providers often makes it difficult for beginners to get started. Complex pricing plans and striking differences between initial pricing and renewal pricing make things even more difficult for them (pricing plans for new customers are usually much cheaper than pricing […]

Guide to SaaS Customer Services Software and Top 10 Solutions

Introduction Failing to offer great customer services directly impacts customer satisfaction and retention rates. Superior products/services alone are not good enough in today’s competitive market. Excellent customer services and knowing who wants what is equally important in achieving success. Modern technologies have enabled enterprises as well as SMBs to acquire and process customer data like […]

Top 10 SaaS Sales Management Software

Introduction From strategic account management to accurate forecasting and effective inventory management, SaaS sales management software help businesses achieve their goals and stay competitive. With the increasing popularity of SaaS and subscriptions getting within reach of small businesses, SM systems are no longer only meant for enterprises and large organizations. The outcomes of using a […]

Guide to SaaS Project Management Systems and Top Solutions

What is a PM Software? Project management software are designed to improve efficiency of project management teams through tools including progress tracking and collaboration tools. Compared to traditional/on-premises PM software, SaaS PM solutions are more versatile because of their cross-platform compatibility, scalability, flexibility and low initial cost. SaaS or on-demand solutions allow businesses of all […]

Guide to SaaS Pricing Models and Strategies

Guide to SaaS Pricing Models and Strategies

Introduction This guide covers the most popular SaaS pricing models and strategies, which should help decision makers choose the best model according to their unique requirements. Businesses, whether small or big, choose SaaS over traditional software delivery methods mainly because of low initial costs and the flexibility SaaS model offers. While most people think of […]