1. We only partner with world-class and bold teams. That is why you should expect from us world-class connections
and support for bold and reasonable visions

2. We are driven by unique perspectives. That means we don’t buy the hype nor act based on FOMO. Our investment decisions happen when we see an intersection of solid business models, daring founders, and healthy economics

3. We are radically transparent and long-term committed. Once we invest, we’re building a 10-year relationship and we
expect the same transparency and committed from you. 

4. We want to be active partners. Expect from us help you with recruiting, go-to-market strategy, creating and scaling
salesforce and fundraising. 


Although SaaS is booming right now in LatAm and many great companies have emerged, we also make some investments in other tech-related business models.

We typically invest in companies that have a product/MVP live and already generating some revenue from unaffiliated customers. These companies are typically raising their first investment checks after angel investments. If you identify with this scenario or is a little before or after, we’d love to get to know you.

Past achievements, grit, domain expertise, the complementarity of the team, and self-sufficiency of the team to succeed in the current stage.

We know how precious founders’ time is especially in the early stage. Fundraising shouldn’t consume much of your time and attention. That is why we designed our investment process to be fast and transparent taking from 1-4 weeks.

We lead the rounds we participate investing typically from 100-500k USD

We use the standard YC post-money valuation SAFE in order to make investment processes easier, cheaper, and faster for us and founders.
You can have access to all SAFE documents here

Yes, we typically take one board seat.